Ways To Utilize Coworking Space For Events

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Ways To Utilize Coworking Space For Events

7 Ways to Utilize Coworking Spaces for Events

Ways To Utilize Coworking Space For Events

Any employee will tell you that coffee is the heartbeat of every office. When it comes to coworking spaces, though, coffee comes in second – it’s the community that makes them click. The community is more than just a perk; it is the heart of a shared office. So how can one foster this sense of community? By gathering everyone together. 

The importance of coworking events in community development cannot be overstated. They can assist in strengthening ties among current members by increasing shared workplace happiness, attracting new members, and even benefiting the local community. However, a continual supply of coworking event ideas is required to keep the group motivated.


Ways To Utilize Coworking Space For EventsThe list consists of coworking events that you should attend to develop the feeling of community in your shared office strategically.

Happy Hours 

Ways To Utilize Coworking Space For EventsA meal or brunch where members discover something new is a great place to start, but liquor is the actual social lubricant. Organize a happy hour. Whenever it comes to socializing with co-workers, a pint of beer accomplishes the job of ten glasses of coffee. To ensure that your members come, plan to host a happy hour on regular days and start them early in the evenings to be aware of it. 

Lunch and Learns

Ways To Utilize Coworking Space For EventsThis is the most popular moniker for the event. Host a reading club, brainstorming session, or social potluck feast over lunch. Another way is to bring in outside specialists to assist members on specific issues, such as programming, accountancy, or establishing work/life balance. To guarantee appeal, let the membership choose the subjects for the luncheon. An outside expert or a coworker can host the event. The sole requirement is that it be applicable and beneficial to the members.


Ways To Utilize Coworking Space For EventsYour members may benefit from a change of scenery. Use group rates to foster teamwork and shared experiences. This may be a day at the beach – literally – in the country, going to a play, or cultivating trust through exercises.  Offer a variety of events to engage various members throughout the year.

Crash Courses 

Ways To Utilize Coworking Space For EventsWorkers in the gig economy are constantly eager to learn new skills. So hold a training session or a crash course to educate the community on a new skill. The type of the learning event hosted is determined by the members’ needs. A coworking space consisting of tech geeks, for example, might benefit from a coding language course or a programming camp.

These events may also welcome prospective members and offer them a taste of the coworking environment. 

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Entertainment NightWays To Utilize Coworking Space For Events

Shared workspaces have grown in popularity since they are more enjoyable than traditional offices. Make them even more delightful by arranging a movie night or a matinée on a Saturday once a month. Two to three hours of uninterrupted entertainment is the ideal cure to a long week.

The aesthetics of a coworking space are one of its draws, but a change of location has never troubled anybody. So on weekends, turn the area into a concert-style arena and stage a musical performance. Call in a professional vocalist, listen to the sounds of a local band, or even better, go with Karaoke.

Charity Drives 

Ways To Utilize Coworking Space For EventsThe community and shared workplaces have a synergistic connection. Give back by organizing a charity event outside of the shared workplace, such as a blood drive, food drive, or wellness drive. Aside from being charitable, the event will instill pride in the employees and generate positive exposure for the coworking space.

Purposeful Events

Ways To Utilize Coworking Space For EventsOne of the seeds that sowed the emergence of coworking was networking. Make sure that each employee gets something out of it by holding a specifically designed gathering to foster connections.

Don’t expect that everyone will be able to network at every event. Instead, curate the event’s audience to meet the aim. Find persons, mentors, or industry experts who will engage with and help community members and, in turn, build a strong workplace culture.

A coworking space is an unusual gathering of individuals. They have immense potential, but that potential will stay unfulfilled until they form a coherent community.

It is critical to hold the right sort of event to foster cohesion, whether social gatherings or instructional sessions—the more organized activities, the stronger the community’s foundation and better the working environment in the company.


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