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Types of Coworkers

Types of Co-workers

Types of Coworkers

To have a flourishing career, one must have a close-knit office circle as it makes life easier. It is a human tendency to classify people based on their personality and segment them into a group. Meeting different kinds of people is thrilling. Some come as a lesson, some as a blessing. Let’s look at the different types of coworkers. It certainly will ring a bell! 


The Latecomer 

Types of co-workers - The latecomer

We all have a latecomer in our respective offices. They never show up on time, and come up with the most imaginative excuses. People who belong to the latecomer category walk into the office, meetings and events, much later than the scheduled time without care. In turn, other teammates need to pick up their slack.  


The Talkative One  

Types of co-workers - The Talkative one

The talkative ones are the best kind. They have got your back under any circumstances. They have the best of stories to tell, there’s never a dull moment around them, thereby making life at the office pleasant. Such people make awkward conversations feel like heaven, and sometimes hell, because they never stay silent. 


The Intern 

Types of co-workers - The Intern

Interns are new to the company and help assist with various tasks such as research, data collection and work closely with different departments. Since interns are new to the organisation, they tend to endure diverging personalities present in the company. The advantage of being an intern is that you can leave the company if it’s too much to handle. Gain knowledge and impart it whenever necessary. 


The Designer  

Types of co-workers - The Designer

They are the most creative minds of any company. They add colour to everything, making everything look glamorous and fantastic. They enhance the visual aspect of your business. Through their creativity, designers attract audiences, in turn, increasing competition. Time is money, and hence having the right designer would be upscale for the company is a blessing. They help the brand look more consistent, appreciable and reliable. This category takes attention to detail very seriously and boosts productivity.


The Workaholic  

Types of co-workers - The workaholics

As the word suggests, individuals that belong to this category are passionate about working. They always put work above anything. Yes, they do exist! 

They feel that their life revolves around their jobs and that gives them a sense of purpose. Workaholics are eager beavers, are up and running with work, whether it is sending emails,  attending a meeting, doing extra work after work hours, etc. They come up with the most effective strategic plans and great ideas. They are the antonym of a slacker.  


The Quiet One  

Types of Co-workers - The Silent Ones

The kind of people you forget about because they are not familiar with the concept of interacting. They immerse themselves in work in a corner and mind their own business. When they speak to you, you know you are valuable, the information they pass on is too. The Quiet One and virtual communication are the One True Pairing! Somewhere, we all know that the quiet ones are a hoot. They only need time to open up!  


The Daydreamer 

Types of co-workers - The Daydreamer

Such people often get lost in thoughts, dream of being someplace else, doing something else other than work! They lose focus and frequently need a nudge, to focus on the task at hand that requires their full attention. Some of them also nod off while at work and drift away from the world in their thoughts. 


The Coffee Addict 

Types of co-workers - The Coffee Addicts

They are often known as the caffeine head of the company. They cannot function optimally without a  caffeine dose in the morning. You will often see them walk into the office with a cup of joe, more like a cup of joy! They relish and drink it and act like someone has handed their life back to them.  

The coffee lovers drink up coffee for any occasion and make sure people tag along. Such kinds have the best conversations, sometimes it goes intense, depending on how strong their coffee is.  


We have pretty much summed up the most common type of co-workers present in any company. Which one would you associate with? 

At TwoTrees Coworking Space, you sure will find most of these coworkers or maybe a few more. We are a fun bunch. Get in touch with TwoTrees, to find your own working space.