Cleanliness Tips to Follow as you Cowork

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Cleanliness Tips to Follow as you Cowork

Cleanliness Tips to Follow as You Co-Work

Cleanliness Tips to Follow as you Cowork

There is a growing need for co-working spaces today. We have seen many companies make a permanent transition to remote working over the last year. Coworking spaces are a viable option for many reasons – one of them being that it provides the right atmosphere that cannot be constructed while at home. Whether you are a student, freelancer, entrepreneur, or worker from small or medium-sized enterprises, a co-working space can offer a variety of opportunities to create a productive space, engage within a community, and network. A certain etiquette or decorum must be observed to achieve this ideal. Here are a few tips you can follow to engender cleanliness in the workplace for an overall pleasurable experience. 

Sanitize your surroundings

Cleanliness Tips to Follow as you Co-Work - sanitize your surroundings

If there is anything that we have learned during the pandemic it is that sanitizing and keeping our surroundings clean is important. While the paranoia may reduce post-pandemic, the practice of sanitizing is something that will remain. This can be demonstrated in maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in the workspace. All of us should remember to sanitize our desks, equipment that we may have used, and surrounding workspace using soft anti-bacterial wipes before and after we use them. Be respectful of your fellow workers and the management by following the precautions set up for your safety. 

Decluttered and organized space

There are several drivers for increased productivity unique to each person. While some people like to listen to music or intersperse work with physical activity, some require a neat and organized workspace to boost productivity. Without losing the quality that may be unique to you, it is important to be respectful of your co-workers by maintaining cleanliness in the workspace. Ensure that your possessions are not spread out or lying about being mindful of the co-workers around you. 

Follow the F&B rules

All coworking spaces have rules and etiquette surrounding food and drink. Orient yourself with appropriate practices to keep up the cleanliness in the workplace. Do not eat at your desk if there is a designated place for eating to avoid unnecessary litter around the workstation. Avoid spillage of food or drink and make sure that your space is left spotless before you leave as a courtesy to the person sitting there after you.  

Ensure the kitchen and bathroom are up to standard

Cleanliness Tips to Follow as you Co-Work

We must treat the hygiene and cleanliness in the workplace with utmost care as we would do in our homes. The kitchen and the bathroom must follow a proper standard of a workplace. It is our responsibility to make sure that those standards are maintained or reported to the staff if required. A messy kitchen attracts unwanted bugs and mice creating a health hazard. Dispose of waste in the appropriate bins and clean up after yourself. Similarly, be aware of your surroundings following acceptable hygienic practices. 

The Community Manager plays a vital role in ensuring every aspect of the Coworking Space is operating smoothly. Follow their guidance for an optimal experience, keeping cleanliness in the workplace. 

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