The Ultimate Office Moving Checklist for 2021

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The Ultimate Office Moving Checklist for 2021

The Ultimate Office Moving Checklist for 2021

The Ultimate Office Moving Checklist for 2021

Moving your office can be a daunting task, and you have a lot of planning to do. Whether you’re just moving locations or shifting away from traditional offices and workspaces, managing your entire team and staff through the journey can be tricky. If you want to know more about how to move an office, check out our ultimate office moving checklist for 2021 below to help guide you through the process.


Review your Lease

ultimate office moving checklist - lease agreement

The first step is to check the status of your current residence. If it’s a rented office space, it’s always helpful to review your lease and parse out the relevant details. Some of the essential information you should look for include 

  • the length of your current arrangement – if there are any ways to break it early and the consequences of doing so 
  • any repairs that have to be made and 
  • the conditions for getting your deposit back. 


Make sure to have all your affairs in order and go through the agreement once again before talking to the owner about breaking or not renewing the lease.

Set a Budget

ultimate office moving checklist - set a budgetSetting a budget for moving right from the beginning can be incredibly useful. This is one of the most critical parts of the process, as it becomes very easy to overspend and delay for various reasons. You will have to budget for spending on organising, packing and moving, and repairs and renovations. One way to cut down on costs is by getting your employees to do their packing. 


Shifting offices can be a long process. Unintentional procrastination, however, can be what makes you exceed your budget, so safeguard against it by establishing an official last office moving day as soon as possible.

Arrange for Moving

ultimate office moving checklist - arrange for movingYou have several options to choose from when it comes to packing and moving. Look over the different moving companies near you and choose what fits your requirements the best. This is especially important if you need to move any delicate equipment or essential machinery. If you’re planning on moving to a shared office space, check out the various amenities that will be available for your use. 


Take some time to determine the best coworking space for you and your organisation. In this case, make the necessary arrangements to store or trade different equipment and furnishings.


Organisation team

ultimate office moving checklist - organisation teamIt is essential to assemble a team responsible for office relocation and the logistics involved. The team will need to lead the rest with precise planning and a detail-oriented approach. They will be in charge of ensuring that nothing goes wrong during the move and dealing with problems as they arise. Some of the issues they will be involved with include employee concerns, internal communication, informing clients, making sure that the new office is in workable condition, and the actual details of the move. They will also be in charge of critical decisions like who needs to be involved and which teams are essential and need to be moved first.



The final and most crucial consideration when moving offices is to arrange a place to move to. Consider the reasons for moving when looking at new places and ensure that it will remain a viable option long-term. Visit the site beforehand, take a look at the layout, and plan the locations of various teams, departments, and meeting rooms. Also, make sure that basic renovations, repairs, and customisations are done as early as possible. Required machinery and equipment should be set up by moving day. If you are planning on moving to a co-working space, take a tour of it with your team, try it for a month, and see if all of you are comfortable with the new work environment and culture.


Relocating offices can be a hectic affair, even with an office moving checklist. In light of safety concerns continuing for the foreseeable future, moving to a shared spacious office space or working from home may be for the best. Many famous brands have started in coworking spaces and have taken advantage of all the resources and networking opportunities available to ensure continued success. This may be the edge that you need to realise your potential as a company.


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